Self Managed Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Hosting.

For websites that require the best load speed, performance, security, and control.

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Turkey Location (Dedicated Servers)

Turkey's location, fully equipped, full performance of dedicated servers.

# Model






0 TR DED 1
Intel C2750 - 8 Core 8 GB 750 GB SATA 1 Gbps - Turkey


1 TR DED 2
Intel C2750 - 8 Core 8 GB 120 GB SSD 1 Gbps Software Turkey


2 TR DED 3
Out of Stock!
Intel C2750 - 8 Core 16 GB 750 GB SATA 1 Gbps - Turkey


Out of Stock!

We’ll take care of everything

  • Daniel Bruce
    Server Set Up

    We’ll get you started in no time! Right from installing cPanel, configuring your add-ons to setting up a CMS of your choice, our team will do it all.

  • Daniel Bruce
    Monitoring and Maintenance

    We’ll make sure your engines are well-oiled by constantly monitoring and optimizing your server performance, and maintaining your applications for you.

  • Daniel Bruce
    Server Security

    Our security specialists will make sure your server is firewalled, your applications and OS are promptly updated and your server is protected from viruses and malware.


Images available for your Dedicated Server

Automatically install a wide variety of Operating Systems and Control Panels

Key DS Features

Dedicated Server Hosting plans include

State-of-the-art tech

Get top server hardware and software with Intel Xeon or AMD EYPC CPUs running CentOS, Ubuntu or Windows Server.

SSD or HDD – your choice

Whether you want blazing fast read/write – or tons of storage capacity, we’ve got you covered with HDD or NVMe SSDs (up to 25X faster) storage options.

Expert dedicated hosting support.

All plans come with free standard hosting support. Optional paid server management services include fully managed support and task-based services.

Backups and recovery console

Set automated backups plus an on-demand snapshot and fix issues using the recovery console (even if you don’t have access to SSH).

Hardware Flexibility

More RAM or a powerful GPU? With Dedicated Servers you can adjust the hardware configuration to match even your most demanding needs.


Enjoy ‘round-the-clock network monitoring with advanced DDoS protection and a free SSL certificate (for the first year) with a dedicated IP.

Dedicated Servers Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Shared Hosting

Dedicated server is a server leasing solution where all the resources of a physical server (software and hardware) are allocated to a single user. You can install the operating system you need the server you are renting, you can manage your server with the desired hosting control panel.

Dedicated Server installation is delivered within the same day by setting hardware and software features that you prefer during ordering.

Unfortunately, there is no reimbursement guarantee for server orders.

All our servers are delivered as unmanaged and you need to provide your own management and control. However, we provide technical support on issues such as problems, errors or information.

All server orders are provided with necessary security configurations and optimization procedures before delivery, and your side is delivered in this way.